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Fear This! Kustoms

Kustom Game Tools

We strive to provide helpful gaming tools to help your games run quickly and smoothly!

Kustom Commissions

Some samples of scratch made commission projects to make your army stand out!

Fireball Base

Themed Objective Markers

Large Themed Monster Bases

Kustom Fog Effects

Kustom Themed Scatter Dice

“R.I.P. - Sincerely 8th Edition”


Wound Counters

Never worry about knocking over wound dice again, or mixing them up in large sloppy DAKKA rolls - we all have that friend.  Avoid time-wasting arguments trying to agree how many wounds were left with these simple guys!

Keep your wound dice secure and accurate!

Tactical Template
All the key measurements at your fingertips to keep the game running fast and eliminate any concerns about over or under measuring.

1" Assault

2" Coherency

3" Disembark

6" Movement

9" Movement & deep-strike/reserve deployment

Point & Turn Counter
Beautiful - Clean - Simple

Very easy way to keep track of key info for your games…”was that turn 5 Or 6? How many points? Are you sure?”

Never guess again with this bad boy!

Objective Markers
We have both simple laser cut ones (pictured above) as well as thematic resin cast ones too!
Isn’t it annoying when you end up using random odds and ends for objectives and they’re hard to spot and remember?
You’ll never have that issue with these!

Different Colors available exclusively for Kustom Orders!

We can make special purity seals for any occasion or just to show your pride in your favorite faction!

Message us for details!